The Academy

The CFAA holds the purpose of providing SATA and the Autonomous Region of the Azores with outstanding means for the theoretical and practical training of, not only for air crews and ground staff supporting air transportation of passengers and cargo, in accordance with the existing legal requirements, as well as, for external trainees, entities, and SATA staff.

This Academy is comprised of several classrooms, learning stations, as well as several cabin simulators and aircraft equipment that allow for the practice of real flight situational scenarios, stimulating timely reactive responses to emergency situations, fire and rescue operations.

This Academy, besides being innovative and being motivated by social and economic responsibility, it builds on subsets of synergies and, overall, takes advantage of several aviation infrastructures that are available in Santa Maria.

The CFAA is, therefore, an ambitious and innovative project, representing a quantum leap in the training function that is managed by SATA.