By accessing this website, the user agrees to abide by the following terms and conditions. These terms shall constitute an agreement and shall replace any prior oral or written understandings or agreements on the use of websites or other services and applications provided via Internet by SATA. Please read this section carefully prior to using them.
The provisions of these Terms of Use shall not prejudice applicable legislation concerning e-commerce, remote contracting and consumer protection under national and Community legislation.


1. Agreement between the User and SATA

By using or obtaining any content from the CFAA website, the user asserts that he or she is at least 18 years of age, and is in no way legally impaired to be bound by third parties.
CFAA website is optimized for the following browsers: Internet Explorer versions 7 and 8, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.
The user agrees to use the CFAA website in strict compliance with the law, and without compromising the image and reputation of SATA in any way.
The user’s acceptance of these Terms and use of the CFAA website shall not constitute any partnership, employment or working relationship with SATA.
The section titles herein are for mere convenience and ease of reference, and shall in no way restrict these Terms.


2. Definitions

a) “SATA websites” or “SATA website” shall mean, its respective sub-domains and any other website belonging to, operated and/or controlled by SATA, together with their respective content, brands, digital assets, products and services available through these websites and sub-domains. For clarification purposes, SATA shall not include third-party websites, websites linked to or websites managed by third-party content suppliers, such as,,,,, and These Terms shall only apply to websites and services whose content is furnished and/or controlled by SATA.

b) “Content” shall mean text, documents, information, data, articles, images, photos, graphics, tables, software, video applications, audio recordings, projects, resources and other material furnished by SATA at its websites. “Content” shall also include brands, products and services.

c) “Brand” shall mean brands, trade names, service marks, trademarks, logotypes, customized graphics, images and icons owned by SATA.

d) “Products and Services" shall mean airline tickets, SATA “Gateway” vacation packages, SATA merchandise and other products and services available through SATA websites.


3. Security and Privacy Policy

3.1 Use of the CFAA website shall be subject to SATA’s Privacy Policy.

3.2 SATA respects the principles of privacy and data protection in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act (Lei da Protecção de Dados Pessoais). As such, the personal data of our customers/passengers shall not be disclosed to third parties.

3.3 Your navigation at the website shall be tracked for statistical purposes.

3.4 Use of Cookies
Cookies are small information files placed in your computer to allow websites to remember your preferences, dates and prior website navigation. These files also allow you to avoid having to re-enter your personal information and password whenever you use the SATA website. Users are entitled to configure their browsers to notify them of the receipt of cookies or even block them. However, please be aware that this may prohibit the use of some services.

3.9 Notwithstanding the provisions of the above paragraphs, SATA shall not be responsible for unauthorized third-party access to your data and information.


4. Information and Intellectual Property Owned by SATA

4.1. Rights of Ownership

4.1.1. The CFAA website shall be the sole and exclusive property of SATA. SATA shall maintain all rights, title and interest in the CFAA website.
4.1.2. The CFAA website is protected by copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, unfair competition rules, intellectual property rights and other international laws and treaties. The unauthorized use, reproduction or modification of the CFAA website may be in breach of such laws.


5. Personal Licenses from SATA

5.1 SATA grants you a limited, personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable license to use the CFAA website as expressly allowed under these Terms, and without entitlement to other rights or licenses with respect to the CFAA website.

5.2 In accordance with the provisions of the above paragraph, the user agrees to use the CFAA website only to obtain information on products and services and/or to make legitimate purchases on the user’s behalf or on behalf of others for whom the user is authorized to do so.


6. License for Digital Downloading/Use of Content

6.1 The user may only download the digital assets contained at this website for personal use or to make purchases with SATA. The downloading of these assets shall convey no rights of ownership for this or any other user.

6.2 The user agrees that digital resources may not be sold or sub-licensed by the user. The user may not use digital resources in any way suggesting sponsorship or association with SATA, or with any product or service beyond those established by SATA, without written consent from SATA to this end.

6.3 The user may copy, exhibit or print a copy of any part of the website’s content. However, the user may not modify the content in any way, and must include the following SATA copyright notice: "© 2009, Grupo SATA”.

6.4 The user may not:

6.4.1 Resize, falsify, add to, exclude, change the colour of or otherwise modify any digital asset without prior written authorization from SATA;
6.4.2 Sub-license, distribute, transfer or assign the image(s) or any rights thereto.


7. Reservation of Rights not Granted

All rights not expressly granted herein shall be reserved.


8. Website Changes and Updates

8.1 Any aspect of the CFAA website may be changed, supplemented, eliminated, updated, interrupted, suspended or modified at any time without advance notice. However, SATA shall assume no obligation to update the information contained in the CFAA homepage.

8.2 SATA may also change or impose fees for certain services, or establish or change general service practices, at any time without advance notice.

The user should therefore periodically visit this page when using the CFAA website to review the current applicable Terms.


9. Availability

SATA shall not promise the availability of SATA websites, and shall assume no obligation or responsibility for any delay, interruption or suspension.


10. Accuracy of Content

10.1 Content shall be for information purposes only. Although SATA makes every effort to ensure the content’s quality and accuracy, errors may exist, and the information provided may be incomplete.

10.2 SATA shall assume no obligation or responsibility for errors or omissions; the user shall be responsible for assessing the accuracy, completeness and utility of any content available through the CFAA homepage or obtained from a linked website.


11. Viruses

11.1 SATA takes all necessary measures to block viruses from its websites. However, SATA cannot ensure that the CFAA website is always free of viruses or other malicious software.

11.2 SATA shall assume no obligation or responsibility for any damage to computer equipment or other assets resulting from the use of SATA websites; the user shall be responsible for taking the appropriate safety measures prior to downloading information from SATA websites.


12. Outbound Links

12.1 The CFAA website may provide links to other websites. These links are for reference purposes only.

12.2 Users who click on these links are leaving the CFAA homepage and entering a third-party website. SATA SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIRD-PARTY WEBSITES OR PURCHASES WITH THIRD PARTIES THROUGH THESE WEBSITES.


13. Warranty Disclaimer

The CFAA website and digital resources downloaded in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 6 shall be furnished “as is” and without warranties of any kind involving purchasability, marketability or suitability for a specific purpose.


14. Limitation of Liability

14.1. The user shall be subject to applicable law, and shall be solely and exclusively liable for the use of this website.

14.2. SATA, as an intermediate service provider aimed solely at transmitting information via a network and providing access to a communications network, without originating the transmissions or having involvement in the content of the messages transmitted, the selection of these messages or their recipients, shall be exempt from all liability involving the information transmitted.



15. Compensation

The user agrees to compensate SATA and its respective employees in the event of breach of these Terms of Use, and to assume responsibility for all costs involving said breach.


16. Governing Law

16.1 The user shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Judicial Court of Ponta Delgada, to the exclusion of all other courts, to settle any disputes.