Welcome to CFAA!

The CFAA (The Azores Aeronautical Training Academy), operated by SATA, allows the realization of courses based on Competency, Knowledge and Skills Development Training (CBT), through simulated exercises, mainly for SATA staff, private training delegates and external entities, who wish to train with CFAA or, essentially, want to lease the facilities.

With the inauguration of the Academy on September of 2012 and, consequently, through the daily operations, the island of Santa Maria and SATA, once again, affirm their geostrategic importance and Atlantic vocation, centered on the Azores name brand and SATA’s “know-how”.

If you desire to train with SATA, you will be touched by a unique experience on the beautiful and sunny island of Santa Maria.

This Academy, based on high standards of quality and excellence, invites you to an exclusive training environment and friendly staff.

Nowadays, the development of human capital becomes a fundamental function of all businesses, through the prevention of accidents, not only for the competitiveness of airlines but also for their sustainability and resiliency.

Come and train at the Azores Aeronautical Training Academy!