The Azores

In the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, about 1.500km from the west European coast and 3.900 km from the North American continent lays the archipelago of the Azores, considered by National Geographic as the second best destination in the world for Sustainable Tourism.

Consisting of nine volcanic islands with a total area of 2.333km2, this Portuguese destination is endowed with a rich variety of landscapes characterized by a natural and exotic beauty, virtually untouched by man.

The Azores Islands are grouped into three groups: the Eastern group which consists of the islands Santa Maria and São Miguel; the Central group which includes Terceira, Graciosa, São Jorge, Pico and Faial; and finally the Western group which consists of the islands Flores and Corvo.
Among the many attractions of the islands are the varied environmental heritage, natural and cultural heritage, delicious cuisine and friendliness of its people.